Let’s fund a primary health center in Gaza!

Health-care workers need our support to help the people

collected on a goal of 100,000 €

Gaza Strip

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Let’s fund a primary health center in Gaza!

🚨 Gaza strip needs at least 6,000 hospital beds, says Dr Raphaël Pitti, war doctor expert returning from humanitarian mission beginning May.

The collapse of health care services because of bombardments, the emergency treatment provided on the ground, the shortages of water, food and medicines, not to mention skin infections caused by overcrowding and lack of everything: there are no more words left to describe the catastrophic health situation of the people who can not even find a safe place.

Today, we have the opportunity to work with Dr Pitti and open a first-aid center in Gaza. It will be staffed by Palestinian care workers (doctor + nurse + midwife) who just want to do their job and help the people.

This project will  cover:

– building of a primary health center and equipment to work

– operating costs (electricity, water, etc.)

– medicines

– covering 6 months wages for the medical team (5 people workers)

Total budget: €100,000

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€1 raised = €1 to support the project, and only the project

Humanitarian crisis in Gaza: Seed committed since end October 2023

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