Our initiative

Seed was born from the hearts of footballers' spouses to help and make the world a better place

About us

SEED of hope for a better world

Seed is an endowment fund born in France and willing to operate wherever needed.  It aims at supporting projects dedicated to help the most vulnerable as far as health, education, ecology and sport are concerned.

In one word, Seed is an online fundraise platform built to collect and support well-established charities.

Team Seed monitors each project to make sure it will succeed and last. We are committed to select and work only with reliable charities, known for their tireless dedication.

Seed is run by footballers’ partners who believe that we need to help each other and be united. All from different backgrounds and places, they managed to come together and start a nonprofit organization in order to help as many people as possible in different countries. To do this, they use their partners’ celebrity to promote the website and the projects to fund.

Seed’s ambition is to shine a spotlight on those usually in the shadows.

Seed is also made by you with us. Together, we will be stronger and go further.

There will be no administration fees, all donations will go to the projects.

Tough project, strong team

President: Nadia Fekir

Vice-president: Audrey Mandi

Project Manager: Amel Brahimi

Senior Content Manager: Samyra Benbachir

Activity report

Soon you’ll be able to download our activity reports here

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