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Nadia Fekir
President – Seed

7th October 2020


Two years ago, the idea of ​​Seed was born: to set up an endowment fund in order to maximize the aid granted to the most underprivileged by bringing together donors and by relying on proven associations.

Nabil, my husband, having a certain notoriety, we always wanted to use it to do good. However, I did not want to create a new association because there are already many. The idea then germinated to redistribute to serious associations and I am proud of the work carried out by our team to surround us with reliable partners.

Along the way, I met exceptional women with the same vocation as me and sometimes the same story. It inspired me to join forces, not only financially but also and above all humanly.

Beyond football which makes young and old happy, how can you help to make people smile and to relieve? How can we come together and share in order to be useful where it is needed?

Africa came naturally as a top priority. This magnificent continent shelters so many potentials but also concentrates all poverty indicators in the world.

I do not mean I can change everything but I believe that if everyone does his part, it is possible to achieve meaninful things together.

This is the beginning of Seed adventure and I hope to help as much as possible.

Very best regards, 

Nadia Fekir

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