Soup kitchen in a Westbank camp

Let's provide 4,900 meals during Ramadhan

collected on a goal of 25,000 €

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End of the project: 04/05/2024

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Soup kitchen in a Westbank camp

Created by the United Nations in 1950, Aida is a Palestinian refugee camp located in Bethlehem on the West Bank. 

Story of this camp

At that time, a Christian woman was making a living from her small café when she saw the Palestinians arriving from Jerusalem and Hebron… She used to provide food in solidarity with the families.The camp was named after her.

64 years later, the descendants of the refugees are still here because they have nowhere else to go… The camp’s population of over 7,000, including 2,500 children, is spread over 71 hectares, giving rise to serious overcrowding and health problems, not to mention the lack of future..

In 2023, our local partner association provided around 18,700 meals and over 1,000 food parcels to families. During the month of Ramadhan, we estimate that 400 and 700 meals per day are needed.

A meal costs around 20 shekel (€5.10), which represents around 4,900 beneficiaries. 

Products covered: chicken, rice, oil, vegetables, dates, yoghurt and packaging.

Since the beginning in 2020, Seed has funded thousands of hot meals and food parcels

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Total budget: €25,000

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Photo: Brahim Kakur, 11, at a food stall after attending school in the Aida refugee camp – © LUIS DE VEGA

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