Medical Flight transport for Palestinian children

Seriously injured by the bombardments, they need urgent care!

collected on a goal of 48,000 €

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Le Caire
End of the project: 02/16/2024

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Medical Flight transport for Palestinian children

A hamburger after 4 months of horror, that’s what 17-year-old Youssef, amputated from the knee down on one of his legs, asked… How can we treat the Palestinian population trapped by war, when even the hospitals are not spared by the bombardments?

Together with 2 other NGOs Caravanes Solidaires and Children Right for Healthcare,  and thanks to Dr Raouf Salti, urological surgeon who did several missions in the past at Al Shifa hospital, Seed had the opportunity to support travel expenses (Le Caire-Geneva) for Youssed and 3 other children victims of war:

– Zeina, 20 months (fractured arm when her house fell on her and her family during a bombing raid)

– Kinane, 2 (kidney problems)

– Houdhaifa, 3 (burns on the skin of his stomach).

Let’s bear in mind that everything is hard for children of Gaza, even getting visas for medical help (90-day visa), one more reason to be there and do our part! 

Total budget: €48,000

✅ Funded in emergency thanks to regular donors

I want to give every month!

The achievement in image

February 12th, the children and their mothers arrived safely in Geneva. Medical staff will now take care of them under supervision of Dr Raouf Salti /// © Caravanes Solidaires - Seed ||| UPDATE 2024/02/23: video to tell you everything about this beautiful story...

See the video

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