5 water towers and 500 fruit trees

Together, let's plant 500 fruit trees and build 5 water towers in Ghana, Madagascar and Burkina Faso

collected on a goal of 25,000 €

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5 water towers and 500 fruit trees

At a time where the environmental issues are more worrying than ever, Seed is committed towards our planet.

To do so, the fund would like to plant 500 fruit trees and build 5 water towers in Ghana, Madagascar and Burkina Faso, to respond to hard realities in those countries.

The fruit trees plantation fulfill many goals: boost an efficient agriculture, with low water consumption and fast-growing trees.

As they are resistant, they can also create a micro-climate that retain water.

Plantations also provide new sources of income for rural populations, that find themselves having more responsibilities and can be trained to agricultural practices. They can find a job more easily, have access to food, and we can see a positive effect on the rural exodus.

The plantation also aims at reducing the stress on the main forest. Indeed, the massive deforestation happens to answer to a more and more demanding economic growth. The consequences are terrible on the lowering wood coverage.

Trees have the ability to absorb an important amount of carbon dioxide, that same gaz that is mass produced by man. As an essential resource, trees play a fundamental role in biodiversity and soil conservation.

Seed also wishes to have an impact on water issues. Indeed, last reports on water access inequalities in the world show that one person out of three do not have access to clean water.

Indeed, it flows in Africa only half of the water that flows on other continents and a third of it happens in the Congo basin. Forty percent of the continental surface does not have a permanent water flow.

On a continent where the population is always growing, water access is a major stake considering the development of the society. It determines hygiene and has a huge impact on health, but also on social and economic relationships.

Most of the people remain too far from access to clean water and have to walk long distance to do so. The water tower building project is a solution to a much needed social and sanitary necessity.

Update 2021/02/10 about water part of the project in progress:

  • 1 water tower in Ghana
  • 1 water tower in Burkina Faso
  • 1 big drilling project in Madagascar
  • 1 water tower in Cambodia
  • 1 water tower in Togo
  • 1 traditional dwell in Benin
  • 3 small drilling projects in Cambodia (family size)