Solar lighting for 3 villages in Mali

Empower local communities with solar power, a local, abundant and free resource!

collected on a goal of 28,000 €

Project funded

End of the project: 03/25/2022

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Solar lighting for 3 villages in Mali

After funding a full container of medical equipment in Mali a few months ago, here comes a new, and eco-friendly, Seed project: supply 3 remote villages with solar power lighting.

In Mali, the weather is very dry and can even be like desert climate so even though the setting of the sun is early it is still beating down. Solar irradiance can reach 6 or 7 kWh per square meter per day*, an undeniable potential especially in a context where most of the people (70%) live in the countryside with low electric connection rate (25%) (source).

*as a comparison: in summer, solar irradiance in south France can reach a little more than 5 kWh per square meter per day

Seed wants to make this solar power available to three remote villages – Gwelekoro, Digato, Niazana – located in the Koulikoro area, 40 to 70 km far from Bamako. This project is expected to improve safety and traffic flow near and in schools as well as to support the local economy.

Included in budget the implementation of:

– 38 solar lights for public places in the villages

– 8 solar lighting systems in 4 schools (7 buildings – 20 classrooms) including staff housing facilities

Total budget: 28 000 €

The achievement in image

Three villages 40-70km far from Bamako are now equiped with solar lights for public places and solar lighting systems for 4 schools (Update April 2023)

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