Medical equipment in a Container to Mali

Let’s resupply 3 community health centers (area of 100 000 people)

collected on a goal of 21,000 €

Project funded


More details about this project

Medical equipment in a Container to Mali

In Mali, almost half of the people live more than 5km far from medical facilities but twice this distance is more frequent! There is no car so when a woman is about to give birth, people take her to the closest community health center by motorbike… A center often built by the people themselves.  

Today, Seed suggests we resupply three health centers located around Bamako, in Daoudabougou, Gwelekoro and Niazana. Tools for sterilization and suture, medical beds with drip poles, resuscitation tables, lights for medical examination, baby scales, the list is long. In this area, nursing staff is in charge of thousands of people: they need equipment to work.

When ready, the container will be shipped to Mali. The budget covers:

– purchase of medical and hardware equipment

– shipping from France

– customs duties

Total budget: 21 000 €

The achievement in image

The 3 health centers received the equipment ✅

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