Let’s furnish 10 classrooms in Chad

For 780 children including 100 orphans and children living in the street

collected on a goal of 21,855 €

Project funded


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Let’s furnish 10 classrooms in Chad

One out of two school age children are out of school in Chad according to UNICEF. The educational system fails because the economic difficulties are persistent. Poverty leads families to take their children out of school to get a job.

Opening schools is the only way to protect them and help them build a future. Seed wants to do its part by supporting a 10 classrooms school currently under construction in N’Djamena’s 1st district. 780 children from elementary to college will be able to learn Arabic, French, English, math, history, sciences, etc. with almost 20 teachers.

Desks, tables, chairs, cupboards, etc.: This project will financially support all the equipment and furniture needed on the first floor of the main building (classrooms, staff room and school office).

Total budget: 21 855 €



This project is part of an educational complex currently under construction for 780 children, including 100 orphans and children living in the street:

  1. school (see above) 
  2. orphanage
  3. medical center

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