Home and library for 100 orphans in Chad

Bunk beds and other furniture needed to keep homeless children safe at school

collected on a goal of 24,830 €

Project funded

End of the project: 01/15/2023

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Home and library for 100 orphans in Chad

It is difficult to estimate but we assume that thousands of children are left to their own devices in Chad because of AIDS, armed conflicts and extreme poverty, says the UN Committee on Rights of Child (source).

An educational complex currently under construction in N’Djamena will be able to take 100 homeless children in. Indeed, a dormitory will be created on the floor above the classrooms to provide them with decent living conditions and keep them safe. Also, they will have a library, a good environment to arouse their curiosity.

Equipment and furniture to fund: 

– a dormitory with bunk beds, cupboards, desks and chairs

– a library with shelves, chairs, tables and computers

Total budget: 24 830 €


This project is part of an educational complex project dedicated to 780 children, including 100 orphans and children living in the street:

  1. equipment for 10 classrooms
  2. dormitory and library for 100 orphans (see above)
  3. medical center (see above)

The achievement in image

Starting October 2023, the children will be able to use the facilities funded thanks to Seed donors: classroom, library and reading corner, computer room and shared dormitories While waiting for the beginning of the school year, the children were able to attend a refresher course in September!

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