Funding medical air transport and baby Hind’s surgery

Hind suffers from a craniofacial malformation called holoprosencephaly. She is missing part of the nose and mouth (severe hare's beak). The risk of this abnormality is a severe infection.

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Funding medical air transport and baby Hind’s surgery

Hind is an ten month old baby (2019/09/12) living in Marrocco. She has a skullfacial malformation called holoprosencephaly, a complicated term meaning she suffers from a congenital brain malformation. We need to do something really fast!

In addition to this brain issues, she also has an hare lip. Indeed, a part of her nose and mouth are missing so she is enable to nurse. Her mom has to feed her with a syringe. The situation is quite dangerous because it exposes her to infections, or even worse, a lightning meningitis.

Since last March, her relatives try to finance medical air transport and the two surgeries she needs.

Seed also wants to take this opportunity to help Wassim, a young Algerian boy who suffers from a pulmonary atresia and needs to come in France for surgery.

Together we can pay for:

1) medical air transport for both Hind and Wassim (Oran-Casablanca-Lyon): 21 000 euros

2) chirurgical surgeries for baby Hind: 16 000 euros


Let’s be specific: Hind needs to be operated twice (28 000 euros but 12 000 euros are ready). First surgery is a brain one, a top priority. According to the paediatric neurologist , the estimated cost for it is around 16 000€, if there is no complication. The second one will fix the nose and mouth with an estimated cost of 12 000€ according to the maxillofacial department.