Funding medical air transport and baby Hind’s surgery

Hind suffers from a craniofacial malformation called holoprosencephaly. She is missing part of the nose and mouth (severe hare's beak). The risk of this abnormality is a severe infection.

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Funding medical air transport and baby Hind’s surgery

Hind is an ten month old baby (2019/09/12) living in Marrocco. She has a skullfacial malformation called holoprosencephaly, a complicated term meaning she suffers from a congenital brain malformation. We need to do something really fast!

In addition to this brain issues, she also has an hare lip. Indeed, a part of her nose and mouth are missing so she is enable to nurse. Her mom has to feed her with a syringe. The situation is quite dangerous because it exposes her to infections, or even worse, a lightning meningitis.

Since last March, her relatives try to finance medical air transport and the two surgeries she needs.

Seed also wants to take this opportunity to help Wassim, a young Algerian boy who suffers from a pulmonary atresia and needs to come in France for surgery.

Together we can pay for:

1) medical air transport for both Hind and Wassim (Oran-Casablanca-Lyon): 21 000 euros

2) chirurgical surgeries for baby Hind: 16 000 euros


Let’s be specific: Hind needs to be operated twice (28 000 euros but 12 000 euros are ready). First surgery is a brain one, a top priority. According to the paediatric neurologist , the estimated cost for it is around 16 000€, if there is no complication. The second one will fix the nose and mouth with an estimated cost of 12 000€ according to the maxillofacial department.

The achievement in image

Heartbreaking news… Baby Hind passed away on December, 29 at night. She was 1 year and 20 days old, may she Rest In Peace 🙏 We were all waiting for the authorities' go to schedule her medical air transport but Hind could not wait anymore. Today, we stand with her parents and family… All we can wish is to be able to fulfill our strong commitment to parents of children suffering from diseases: doing our part with courage and coming together to help the most vulnerable people. The rest of the money go for Wassim, Last February 5, he underwent heart surgery and was in intensive care for a few days. A week later, we received a picture of him awake. Of course, he is currently under observation and some medical exams are planned for the upcoming weeks but his skin changed, his lips and legs aren’t blue anymore due to lack of oxygen 💖

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