Algeria oxygen emergency

1 500 oxygen concentrators needed to help Algerian doctors fight Covid-19!

collected on a goal of 670,500 €

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Algeria oxygen emergency

These past few weeks, Algeria has been fighting Covid-19 third wave, worsened, according to Algeria Institut Pasteur, by Delta variant confirmed in almost 75% cases. Around Sétif and Skikda, in the east, and Tlemcen in the west, hospitals are overwhelmed and they run out of oxygen supplies. Oxygen is indeed crucial to help Covid-19 patients with breathing difficulties.

Medical staff need our help to help!

The situation is also critical for front-line Algerian medical workers. Since February 2020, 460 of them died, including 262 doctors, says public health national organization “Syndicat national des praticiens de la santé publique (SNPSP)”.

They still do their best to help sick people: all over the country, medical staff have indeed decided to come together and identify hospitals and medical facilities with oxygen emergencies.

They are not alone: Seed charity wants to urgently provide 1 500 oxygen concentrators (650 € unit) thanks to its ambassadors and donors. With a ten liters capacity, these machines will then be delivered to big and small cities thanks to local medical staff’s teamwork.

Total budget: 670 500

The achievement in image

Objective achieved: more than 1,000 oxygen concentrators for Algeria for a total budget of €670,500 The "Emergency Oxygen Algeria" project launched by the Seed endowment fund is now closed. 200 machines have already been shipped to the heart of the country, such as here in the wilaya of Adrar, 1,400 km south-west of Algiers. , but also in the far south. 235 other concentrators left Marseille on Saturday September 25, while 650 are still expected by next week to then be transported by boat.

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