4 families need drinking water now

Let’s build water towers in Palu (Indonesia)

collected on a goal of 6,627 €

Project funded


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4 families need drinking water now

Our work in Indonesia is not done to help Hasnah, Winarni, Aini et Ren have access to drinking water! Indeed, these widows live with their family in the small houses built in 2022 thanks to Seed’s donors.

Their homes are still not supplied with clean drinking water. People in Indonesia keep dealing with the devastating consequences of the 2018 earthquake on basic infrastructures.

Access to safe drinking water is a basic human right, says UNO so doing our part does matter.

This project will cover:

– building of 3 water towers since one of them will be enough for 2 of the small houses close to each other

– water supply 

Total budget: 6 500 €

The achievement in image

Access to drinking water thanks to Seed Family ✅

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