New homes for 55 families in Mauritania and Indonesia

Let’s rehouse struggling families!

collected on a goal of 44,000 €

Project funded

Mauritania / Indonesia

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New homes for 55 families in Mauritania and Indonesia

Seed wants to support new homes for vulnerable people living in two countries: Mauritania and Indonesia.

First, in Nouakchott’ slum, capital city of Mauritania, you have mainly women, divorced or widowed, who live alone with dependent children. Life here is hard: there is neither water, nor power. The only thing they can do for a living, if they are lucky, is to sell vegetables in the market or local couscous.

13 000 km far from there, central Indonesia, people keep struggling with the consequences of September 2018 earthquake. Indeed, thousands of people have no choice but to live in makeshift shelters if they can’t stay with family.

Included in this project : 

– building 49 shanties (around 20m²) to house 5 to 9 people each (Mauritania)

– building 6 small houses made from cement (around 35m²) to house 3 to 5 people each (Indonesia)

Total budget: 44 000€