Zanzibar: a training center for 500 villagers and to recycle 5 tons of plastic each year

Let's support the development of the village of Jendele and beach cleaning!

collected on a goal of 30,000 €


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Zanzibar: a training center for 500 villagers and to recycle 5 tons of plastic each year

Who hasn’t heard of Zanzibar and its heavenly beaches? While the economy of this semi-autonomous Tanzanian state is first based on tourism, the people make a living from agriculture – especially spices such as cloves, cinnamon and vanilla, but also tropical fruits – and fishing. And they are lucky – the monthly salary is around €200 – as employment and training opportunities are limited.

Democratizing culture

In the village of Jendele, center Zanzibar, we can build a cultural center to support 500 people each year: 100 children, 180 women and 120 men. Located right next to a school, it will be equipped with workrooms, a library and even a vegetable garden.

Creating jobs with plastic recycling

Recycled paper notebooks, fashion accessories, eco-friendly furniture, etc.: 5 tons of plastic collected on Zanzibar’s beaches will be transformed. Recycling gives a second life to objects but the training center will also train people about upclycing, how you transform an object into something else useful.

The project will also open up local opportunities through partnerships with craftsmen and businesses. Not to mention the awareness-raising activities planned with local schools.

This project will cover the construction and the equipment (furniture, supplies, machines, etc.) for the 4 spaces:

– a computer room with Internet access

– a training center to develop employment

– a recycling center to promote self-sufficiency

– a library and playroom for children

Total budget: €30 000

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