Winter Help Campaign

Together to grant a meal and warm clothes for 140 people!

collected on a goal of 11,900 €

Project funded

End of the project: 02/23/2024

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Winter Help Campaign

As Seed launches its traditional winter campaign in France, poverty is on the rise, with 9.1 million people living below the poverty line, according to INSEE (source). Sometimes, even a job is no longer enough to cover living expenses so nonprofits get more and more requests for food aid.

Due to inflation, food and energy are more and more expensive and low-income households struggle, especially: 

❌ limited sources of income (unemployment, disabilities, small pensions, part-time jobs, etc.).

❌ single-parent families

❌ students 

❌ poorly housed or homeless people

❌ migrants

Around 140 people in need, including 20 elderly people as well as women with children in emergency accommodation, have been identified by our charity partner in Dijon:

– 50 homeless people 

– 50 people living in migrant shelters

– 40 people in emergency accommodation for asylum seekers.

Your donations will help to provide: 

– food boxes

– warm clothing: thick socks, hats, gloves and jackets to protect between -10 and -20°C 

– blankets 

– hygiene kits: shampoo, deodorant, shower gel

Hot meals will also be offered by local restaurant chain 911 DC.

Total budget: €11,900

© Magali Cohen/Hans Lucas

The achievement in image

This action helped relieve people who faced another harsh winter. Météo France, which raised a "severe cold" and "snow-ice" alert on the Côte-d'Or for a time, recorded temperatures below -11°C, one night!

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