When you support 400 small farmers, you feed 4,500 people

We can do something for sustainable food security in Ethiopia!

collected on a goal of 18,000 €


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When you support 400 small farmers, you feed 4,500 people

Access to food and drinking water, and a decent income: Seed is committed to self-sufficiency. In Ethiopia, half the population lives below the poverty line. The economy of the country, one of the poorest in the world, is mainly focused on agriculture: coffee, legumes, teff grown as a cereal, potatoes and sugar cane. However, the crop is dependent on the climate and does not meet everyone’s needs.

We have to support sustainable solutions to solve this endemic food insecurity. Seed wants to support several hundred farmers, 310 women and 90 men located in the Amhara region in the north of the country, to improve their agricultural practices, provide access to drinking water and rehabilitate degraded farmlands.

This project will cover for:

– training in sustainable farming methods 

– supplying vegetable seeds and livestock (sheep-goat hybrids and poultry)

– installation of a 12m3 water reservoir

– maintenance of ravines and degraded land

Total budget: €18,000

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