Water well for Moroccan families

Self-sufficiency: let’s use solar panels to provide drinkable water to people in need

collected on a goal of 13,500 €

Project funded

End of the project: 07/10/2023

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Water well for Moroccan families

[UPDATE end September 2023]

The earthquake of September 8 in the Marrakech region had serious consequences for construction projects. Although access to drinking water is even worse now given the movement of groundwater, it is impossible to consider drilling or even building houses.

Seed stands even more with the people impacted and is closely monitoring the project in order to start work as soon as the exact location is authorized and confirmed.

Indeed, in the douars far from the cities, the villagers need wells to get drinking water. The current small drilling sites powered with hand pumps are not enough especially in a context of water scarcity. Families are severely impacted both for their basic needs and hygiene.

This project aims at drilling a well and using solar energy which is largely available here. The water will then be pumped into a reservoir and supplied through water pipes to the people.

This project will cover three steps:

– drilling and construction work related to the well

– water connection

– installation of solar panels

Total budget: 13 500 €

Raised thanks to French popular streamer Aminematue who took the initiative to plan a charity auction on Oct. 6: 8 197 €


The achievement in image

Construction work carried out from November 2023 to March 2024 in the village of Tighramat Ait Iktel, Al Haouz province, Marrakech region (following the earthquake in September, we had to wait for local authorizations). Well depth: 140 metres / Reservoir capacity: 30 tonnes Completed: construction of the reservoir, sizing and choice of equipment, installation of a submersible pump, installation of solar panels, connection of the hydraulic network to the douar via a pipe, and finally, construction and equipping of a fountain. 💧 80 households are now provided with drinking water, and a fountain has also been built for passageways.

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