Water well for 120 moroccan families

Self-sufficiency: let’s use solar panels to provide drinkable water to people in need

collected on a goal of 13,500 €


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Water well for 120 moroccan families

Around 40 km south far from Marrakech, near High Atlas, drinkable water is missing and the number of wells doesn’t fill the villagers’ needs.

The current small drilling sites powered with hand pumps are not enough especially in a context of water scarcity. 120 families, around 480 people, who live in the douars of Ikis and Tinghrine, are directly impacted in their basic needs including hygiene.

This project aims at drilling a well and using solar energy which is largely available here. The water will then be pumped into a reservoir and supplied through water pipes to the people.

This project will cover three steps:

– drilling and construction work related to the well

– water connection

– installation of solar panels

Total budget: 13 500 €

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