Wanted: soccer field for orphanage

Let’s make orphans of Diala Koroba (Mali) smile

collected on a goal of 11,228 €

Project funded


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Wanted: soccer field for orphanage

In south-west Mali, Falatow Jigiyasow Orphanage has been a home for many children for more than 40 years. This place is special for them and when they grow up, they keep visiting. Almost 30 children live here today sharing their favorite sport: football.

Each game is an opportunity to enjoy and have fun together like the other children. Soccer is also excellent to face challenges and help one another to work as a team. Not to mention the fact that it keeps them busy so far from delinquency.

Seed wants to fund the building of a soccer field in this orphanage. Not only will it be beneficial to the children but also to the local community.

Total budget: 11 228 €

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