Sports field renovation in Moroccan orphanage

Let’s fund construction works for 225 children’s playing field

collected on a goal of 11,200 €

Project funded


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Sports field renovation in Moroccan orphanage

In this orphanage, you can’t help but notice the sharp contrast of salmon pink and ocher walls and azure sky. Welcome in the home for 103 girls and 122 boys, located near Tiznit, more than 100 km south Agadir. 

Almost 25% of them are aged 7 or under. Most of them are orphans but there are also children separated from families due to financial issues. 

Even if it doesn’t look so good now, the playground is probably their favorite place! As a consequence, Seed plans, thanks to its donors, to fund construction works* aiming at turning it into a sports field:

  • floor covering to prevent falls
  • markings paintwork
  • goal beams, nets and baskets to play basketball, football, handball and volleyball

Total budget: 11 200 €

*local companies will be in charge

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