Senegal: school meals needed for 600 girls!

For too many children, the school snack is the only meal of the day

collected on a goal of 48,000 €


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Senegal: school meals needed for 600 girls!

In Saint-Louis, 5h far from Dakar, there is an elementary school for 600 girls who are “privileged” when you know that, in Senegal, girls drop out way too soon of school. And one thing is certain: this is bound to worsen because of Covid19, health and economic crisis.

Building schools is good, helping children feel good there is better! In order to support families and encourage girls to hang there, this school wants to provide all equipment and full meals everyday.

Indeed, until now, the free school snack, one and only daily meal for lots of them, was not enough for growing children.

With this project, Seed wants to pay for:

  • school supplies for 600 girls: backpacks, books, notebooks, etc. (5 994€) 
  • arrangement and food supply for the school’s kitchen in order to provide free daily meals during the school year (41 180€)

Total budget: 48 000€