School supplies for 300 children in Bamako

Let’s support education in Mali!

collected on a goal of 3,640 €

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School supplies for 300 children in Bamako

Welcome to a school located in Daoudabougou area, Bamako!

The school definitely needs some renovations but the priority goes to school equipment for 300 school boys and girls from different classes equivalent to elementary and middle school.

Notebooks, pens, books: most parents can’t afford them. Children are used to sharing what’s provided by school which is not sufficient for everyone.

Moreover, political problems are serious and have an impact on both the population and school dropout… If schools can even open: the current situation worsened due to Covid crisis so the start of the school year was postponed to 2021 January, 4th.

“Hang in there!”

Education opens doors and school is critical to hope for a better future. Seed’s message to the school girls and boys is to hang in there!

This campaign aims at providing them with required educational materials in order to support their efforts. Backpacks and notebooks, slates and pieces of chalk, pencils and erasers: the school supplies list is ready and also includes books about biology, history, algebra, geometry, science, etc.

Total budget: 3 500 €

The achievement in image

Thanks to the #Seedfamily, 300 children were provided with brand new school supplies

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