Renovation needed in animal shelter!

Let’s support renovation works in tigers and primates’ spaces

collected on a goal of 20,000 €

Project funded


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Renovation needed in animal shelter!

Monkeys, wolves, bears, big cats, etc.: each year, this rescue center located in France takes almost 1 000 lost or abandoned animals in. Most of them come from former menageries or were seized by the authorities. After so many years kept in captivity, they couldn’t survive in the wild now. 

Seed wants to support renovation costs of:

the tigers’ space where the metallic parts start to rust which is not convenient for a daily use. Some parts on the ground, built in 1993 with concrete and tiles, also tend to chip off and create holes with wetness.

– the primates’ space where the fake rocks are damaged. Built 20 years ago, the walls keep weakening and you can see holes slowly growing and showing the chicken wire which is dangerous for the animals.

New equipment will also be arranged in order to stimulate the animals and help them develop natural behaviors. 

This project includes:

> purchase of construction materials: steel, railings, cement, concrete blocks, etc.

> construction management: planning, building work, welding, etc.

Total budget: 20 000€

The achievement in image

✅ Thanks to your donations, we were able to finish renovation works in tigers and primates’ spaces

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