Rebuilding Haiti: 20 new family homes

Let’s do our part to help after 14th August 2021 earthquake

collected on a goal of 60,000 €

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Rebuilding Haiti: 20 new family homes

Last summer, an earthquake struck southwestern Haiti, about 150 km west of the capital Port-au-Prince. Around 2,200 people died and 12,000 were injured. Because of the health and economic crisis, but also instability and insecurity, the situation for the people was already a matter of concern not to mention the material damage due to the quake.

We can do our part to rehouse families in need. Indeed, in the Cayemites area, one of the most impacted, three schools, a hospital and a dispensary but also 500 houses were completely destroyed and many others were damaged.

Seed plans to pay for 20 “starter homes” in the east part, called Pointe Sable. These earthquake-resistant houses fit to withstand extreme natural events like hurricanes with winds peaking at 105 mph (170 km/h). Each one is made of thick sheet metal roof and is secured with hurricane anchors and straps.

This project is closely followed by Mélanie Martial and her husband Anthony Martial, one of our ambassadors, as well as Duckens Nazon, who knows Haiti very well.

Total budget: 60 000 €

The achievement in image

10 Haitian families rehoused thanks to this project! Indeed, out of the 20 new family homes, half was built but two times bigger: 42 m² instead of 23 m²! Economic, political, social, the local situation is still a disaster, a “humanitarian catastrophe” reported UN envoy end Sept. 2022 (source: BBC News).

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