Medical care needed for Iyad’s hands

Aged 6, the little boy is about to start a long journey to treat his fingers

collected on a goal of 6,500 €

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Medical care needed for Iyad’s hands

He is growing up and so do his fingers. Iyad, who lives with his family in the desert, 500 km far from Alger, is suffering from serious bilateral hand malformation. Preventing his fingers to widen more is an emergency. Actually, some of them may even have to be amputated.

There is a specific procedure to manage such malformation. First medical consultation is scheduled on December 15, 2022 in Val d’Ouest clinic near Lyon but several surgeries will be necessary, said the doctor to the family. Since she is extremely poor, Seed wants to provide her full support.

First, Iyad needs us to take care of upcoming expenses:

– flight tickets for him and his parents to travel to Lyon

– medical and hospital costs for a two-days stay

– accommodation for his parents and staples

Total budget: 6 500 €

The achievement in image

After waiting a long time for the visa, Iyad was finally able to arrive in France with his mom at the beginning of January 2024! When he started the medical exams, the doctor asked him about his dream, he said: "To get better and play with other children without being rejected" 💔 This is a prove that your donations can change lives, Seed Family

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