Let’s fight poverty in France

Winter solidarity appeal for 160 people in Dijon: cleaning products, warm clothes and meal

collected on a goal of 12,500 €

Project funded


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Let’s fight poverty in France

Winter is expected to hit hard especially for people who can’t afford to put the heating on (anymore). Energy and food costs keep rising, making it more and more difficult for low income households to make it. In Dijon, social workers raise the alarm about poverty housing with bad insulation, a concern for lots of immigrants, “chibanis” and families with children.

Following last year’s action, Seed wants to do its part. This project will help more than 160 people* by providing them with:

– cleaning products, blankets, and new clothes: warm jackets rated to -20°C, scarves, gloves, wooly hats, thick socks but also warm tracksuits

– free pizzas provided by 911 Delicious Company and groceries for two immigrants shelters with cooking facilities

*homeless people, families with children and “chibanis” living in social care institutions, almost 40 people living in migrants homes in Dijon and around and 3 young immigrants arrived recently and still attending school

Total budget: 12 500€

The achievement in image

Food boxes, warm meals, coats, gloves, cleaning products, etc. were provided to 160 people with a low income in Dijon (France): families with children, homeless people, and “chibanis” (elders who live in social care institutions) and migrants.

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