Lebanon: a football competition for peace!

Football to bring together 64 young Lebanese, Syrians and Palestinians

collected on a goal of 3,000 €

Project funded

End of the project: 12/01/2023

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Lebanon: a football competition for peace!

In the Middle-East, a whole young generation is deeply affected by war and ruins, exodus and tensions between communities not to mention the physical and psychological consequences.

Lebanon is the first country in the world for the number of refugees compared to the inhabitants: 1 person out of 4 is a refugee. However the country is struggling with a social and economic crisis. According to the European Commission, « Some 90% of Syrians, 73% of Palestinian refugees, and over 50% of Lebanese households need assistance. » (source)

15 matches for peace

Because the young generations need opportunities to meet and learn tolerance, Seed wants to support an original project: a football competition between teams representing 8 different areas of Beqaa. Each will have 8 players (5 starters and 3 substitutes). A total of 15 matches will be planned and people from Taaneyel and villages around will be able to attend and encourage the players

Total budget: 2 857,4 €

The achievement in image

Just a look at their smiles make us realize how important this project was. Thank you, Seed donors!

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