Indonesia: let’s build 5 earthquake-resistant houses

Seed funding a rehousing program for tsunami victims

collected on a goal of 34,830 €

Project funded

End of the project: 10/16/2023

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Indonesia: let’s build 5 earthquake-resistant houses

In 2018, following a magnitude 7.5 earthquake, Palu and its 350,000 inhabitants were hit by a devastating tsunami (source). Roads, schools, hospitals, shopping centers and many homes were destroyed.

Widows, elderly people and vulnerable families had to live at best in makeshift shelters, at worst on the streets.

Seed was able to fund the construction of 5 houses to rehouse victims who lost everything.

Total budget: €34,830

© Putu Sayago / Le Monde

The achievement in image

Seed a pu financer grâce à ses donateurs et donatrices la construction de 5 maisons

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