Funding facilities for 2 eco-communities in Niger

Water tower, cereal mill and vegetable garden with orchard needed for self-sufficiency

collected on a goal of 20,000 €

Project funded


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Funding facilities for 2 eco-communities in Niger

This is Niger, located south of Algeria and Libya and 80% made from Sahara and Sahel… In other words, the desert!

Access to water is a challenge for a large part of the population. Poverty rate was 41.4% in 2019, meaning more than 9.5 million people.

Self-sufficiency is the right way that’s why Seed wants to support the construction and equipment for two eco-communities. This project would also be a real solution for women and girls mainly in charge of water supply and cereal grinding.

  1. water supply by Rotary drilling, a method implying to dig tens metres deep to bring water to surface and store it in a water tower (5 cubic meters capacity). The water tower will have a solar panel pump allowing self-sufficiency for at least 500 people.
  1. a cereal mill to grind millet, sorghum and other local cereals in a few minutes instead of several hours now with a mortar! 
  1. a vegetable garden (cabbages, tomatoes, bell peppers, moringas) with an orchard — mango, orange and lemon trees — which is good for food diversification. Moreover, people could sell crop surplus to nearby markets.

Total budget: 20 000 €