Food boxes for 53 families

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collected on a goal of 790 €

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Île Maurice

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Food boxes for 53 families

In Mauritius, 1 000 rupees (21,78 €) won’t be enough to buy powdered milk, two oil bottles and some canned food (source in French). As a consequence, Seed took an unexpected opportunity to provide food boxes to 53 families in Port Louis district.

Included in each of the 53 food boxes:

  • 2.5 kg x 2 rice packets (total: 5kg)
  • 4 noodles packets
  • spaghettis and other pasta
  • canned vegetables
  • 2 sunflower oil bottles
  • flour
  • salt and spices

Total budget: 790 €

The achievement in image

As promised, the food boxes were successfully delivered ✅

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