Food baskets for students!

Let’s help students facing hardships due to Covid-19 crisis

collected on a goal of 33,000 €

Project funded


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Food baskets for students!

We all know it: the coronavirus pandemic has severely impacted students’ life and even compromised their chances to succeed. Lots of them also lost the job they absolutely needed.

“Hang in there, students!”

Young people are the future, that’s why they deserve our full support in these difficult times. We all need to let them know that they are not alone.

Seed has decided to fund food supply for students living in Paris, Dijon and Saint-Étienne. Food baskets will be offered by our local partners.

In addition to this, to make sure they can work decently, an Instagram contest is coming soon for students willing to take part and maybe win a laptop. 

Total budget: 33 000 €

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Food baskets delivered ✅

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