Food assistance in Algeria

Essential products needed

collected on a goal of 50,000 €

Project funded


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Food assistance in Algeria

In Algeria, services and construction sectors are the most likely to hire workers but due to the strict lockdown decided to stop Covid-19 pandemic, many jobs are now lost or at stake, reported the World Bank (source).

For lots of Algerian households, the situation was already difficult and gets now even worse because of growing unemployment. Food expenses, though they are basic needs, are very important in their budget. As a consequence, Seed plans to provide help thanks to its donors and local partners. 

This project aims at:

  • – buying* basic foods and essential products: vegetables, fruits, semolina, pasta, cooking oil, eggs, meat, babies’ diapers, etc. 

*bought on site to support local economy

  • – providing them to dozens of families in need 

Total budget: 50 000 €