Fadi, aged 5, has to fight brain tumor

Biopsy is the first step of his journey

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Fadi, aged 5, has to fight brain tumor

Fadi lives near Blida (Algeria) with his parents and big brother. Even if he smiles and plays like other children, his health is a concern. Indeed, at 2, he was diagnosed with diabetes. At 4, he had to go to hospital because of convulsions and underwent a thorough medical examination. A tumor was found in the hypothalamic-hypophyseal area.

This tumor has a severe impact on hormone regulation so it leads to hormone disorder. Performing a biopsy is a priority before appropriate medical treatment.

With its donors’ support, Seed wants to cover:

– travel expenses to bring Fadi and his parents from Algeria

– hospital costs for 10 days in the neurosurgery department of Women & Children’s Hospital of Lyon.

Total budget: 38 800€

The achievement in image

A year after tumor was removed, Fadi is doing well but remains under medical supervision for MRI checks as well as to take growth hormones because his development takes more time. Good news: in September 2023, Fadi will be able to start primary school!

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