Emergency food help for Lebanon

Let’s provide more than 2 000 food boxes to the most vulnerable

collected on a goal of 60,000 €

Project funded


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Emergency food help for Lebanon

The economic situation in Lebanon has been a concern these past few years but a food crisis is now expected because of the war in Ukraine.

source: The Washington Post 11/03/2022

Indeed, Lebanon used to import basic sources of sustenance such as cereals from Ukraine.

This is an emergency call to action from Seed to supply 2 126 food boxes to the most vulnerable: widows, orphans, elderly, etc.

Included in this project:

– purchase of food staples: rice, bulgur, wheat, chickpeas, lentils, vegetable oil, halawa, tahina, tea, salt, sugar, etc.

– delivery, preparation and packing of boxes

Total budget: 60 000€