Drinking water for 5,000 people every day

5 permanent water purification systems can change life in villages!

collected on a goal of 35,000 €

Project funded

End of the project: 07/06/2024

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Drinking water for 5,000 people every day

In Laos, many villages still have no access to water! Drinking water is not for granted, even though there is plenty of water thanks to the Mekong River, ranked 10th in the world, and a rainy season that lasts several months a year.

Indeed, this water is unfit for consumption but people have no choice. Every day, women and girls go to rivers or watering holes to collect it. Consequences: wasted time and energy, but above all, health problems, as contaminated water increases the risk of infection, especially for the most vulnerable, such as children, and encourages them to drop out of school.

Solution? Decontaminate water with the Safe Water Cube fountain, a purification device that complies with local requirements:

✅ installation in or around schools 

✅ mobile, mechanical operation (no electricity required)

✅ unlimited service life as long as the device is properly maintained

✅ chemical-free

This world-unique invention cleans up all surface water such as lakes, rivers, rainwater, brackish water, etc.. Already used in 20 countries, it can supply 1,000 liters of water per hour and meet the daily needs of 800 to 1,000 people.

Seed wants to support the shipment and installation of 5 fountains in villages, including the training of local people to clean the filters when required.

Total budget: €35,000


How does Safe Water Cube works:

Water is pumped through filters into a large black cylinder and out the other end of the device. The water then undergoes 5 stages of filtration thanks to ceramic filters equipped with micro-holes (0.2 microns) invisible to the naked eye, which retain all particles contained in the water (sand, dust, etc.), but above all microbes, viruses and bacteria.

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