Drinkable water for 200 moroccan families

A well to bring water to their homes

collected on a goal of 10,000 €

Project funded


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Drinkable water for 200 moroccan families

In south-west Marrakech, province of Chichaoua, you have water scarcity but high demand: almost 1,000 people living in the douars of Ihardanene and Izide, city of Imintanout, get water supply thanks to small drilling sites powered with hand pumps.

Not only insufficient, this system is also inadequate, that’s why Seed wants to take action: upgrade equipment and use solar energy. After renovation, water will be pumped into a reservoir and be directly supplied through water pipes to the 200 homes.

This project covers:

– purchase of equipment

– construction work: drilling and building, connection and installation of solar panels. 

Total budget: 10 000€

The achievement in image

✅ One more environment project completed here, bravo and thank you! 💪 We are all like small drops of water but they make big oceans ❤

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