Baby Emergencies Kinshasa

Equipment needed in a neonatal nursery

collected on a goal of 39,350 €

Project funded

End of the project: 12/14/2023

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Baby Emergencies Kinshasa

Congo is ranked third for being the most  populated in Africa. More than 6 Congolese out of 10 live with less than $2.15 dollars a day*.

*nearly 64 % of Congolese, just under 60 million people – source: World Bank

Children and pregnant women are the most vulnerable and the ones who suffer the most of poor access to medical care. Child mortality rate – children who die before 5 – is almost twenty more higher compared to France. Cause: pneumonia and premature birth.

Seed wants to support healthcare workers in Kimbanguiste hospital neonatal nursery. Indeed, sick or premature newborns need emergency care and to be put on life support. To do their job, medical staff must be provided with reusable manual resuscitators, vital signs monitors, etc.

Included in this health project the purchase of specialized medical equipment and shipping to Kinshasa:

– 1 intensive care table and accessories for babies

– 3 Infant warmers used to keep babies warm when skin-to-skin contact with their mother is not possible

– 6 medical beds for babies

– 1 suction device

Total budget: 39 350 €

The achievement in image

Since the end of November 2023, healthcare workers from delivery room, neonatal intensive care unit and neonatal intermediate care unit have all what they need to take care for babies, especially premature: tables, jaundice device, 2 heated beds, 10 medicalized cradles, 2 cardiorespiratory monitors, 2 mucus-sucking devices, 2 inverters (a kind of external battery to keep equipment running in the event of a power cut), 2 large and 2 small oxygen bottles.

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