Afterquake emergency: 3 years boarding school fees for 10 Moroccan girls

Hundreds of schools destroyed due to September 8 earthquake

collected on a goal of 3,750 €

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End of the project: 10/07/2023

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Afterquake emergency: 3 years boarding school fees for 10 Moroccan girls

On 8 September 2023, an earthquake had a heavy impact on schools and, consequently, children’s education!

Even without considering the devastated buildings in Morocco, you are more likely to drop out of school in this country if:

❌ you live in the countryside 

❌ you come from a low income family

❌ you are a girl

❌ access and climate situation is difficult 

❌ there is no school close to you

❌ there is no school for your age

We can’t let this catastrophe prevent young girls from their right to education.

For them, a boarding school is the only solution. That is why Seed wants to sponsor 10 young girls from douar Ighir n’Tissent, 160 km east from Marrakech. That’s why Seed suggests its donors to support them starting the 2023-2024 school year.

This project will cover for:

– school fees

– accommodation 

Total budget: 3 750 €

Raised thanks to French popular streamer Aminematue who took the initiative to plan a charity auction on Oct. 6: 2 710 €


The achievement in image

Update February 2024: thanks to your donations, it’s not 10 but 16 young people without families or from disadvantaged backgrounds who will be able to attend a boarding school for 3 years! (food and accommodation funded)

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