After quake, let’s make 80 children smile

2 football competitions and gifts: after the earthquake that struck Morocco last September, children deserve fun!

collected on a goal of 4,000 €

Project funded

End of the project: 10/07/2023

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After quake, let’s make 80 children smile

The psychological impact of a natural disaster on adults can be strong, but what about the youngest? After the earthquake in Morocco on September 9, children need to relax and have fun, that’s why Seed wants to fund a special day event for them. 

This event will take place in an orphanage in Rabat (50 orphans) but also in Haouz, Ouirgane valley, located 60 kilometers southwest of Marrakech, severely impacted by the disaster (30 children).

We will provide full outfits, shoes including, to 80 children to play football. 


– Soccer tournament 

– Lunch

– Games

– Festive meal and toys distribution (they will be purchased locally to support the economy after the disaster)

Budget: €4,000

Raised thanks to French popular streamer Aminematue who took the initiative to plan a charity auction on Oct. 6



The achievement in image

⚽ Your donations didn’t make 80 but 90 children smile! After each of them received a full sports outfit, 40 children aged 10 to 14 from Douar Akni in Ouirgan, Al Haouz province, as well as 50 orphans aged 10 to 12 from the Rabat region, had the opportunity to enjoy together before receiving medals and sharing a festive meal.

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