2 000 iftars for Somalia

Responding to the high risk of famine by providing one month groceries to the people

collected on a goal of 25,000 €

Project funded

End of the project: 04/24/2023

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2 000 iftars for Somalia

After 3 years of drought following 30 years of humanitarian crises, no one can imagine what the people of Somalia go through. According to the UN, 8 million people at least are at risk of famine.

Climate change is already happening with severe impact on livestock and pasture but also on the way of life. Seed fund wants to support the people attached to the fast of Ramadhan (end March to end April 2023) with a food* distribution during a full month: 

for one person = donation of 12,50 € 

for one family of 5-6 people = donation of 75 € 

100% of your donation will go directly to the cause as every other Seed project

*FIY the content of a family food box:

25 kg rice

25 kg flour

10 kg sugar

5 liters oil

4 kg dates

1,5 kg tomato concentrate

1 tea box

Total budget: 25 000 €

The achievement in image

Food supplies provided to the people thanks to your donations

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