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Storm Daniel: Libyan population left to itself! Residents have told on social networks of being unable to save relatives or even to extract them from the rubble

collected on a goal of 70,000 €


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🔴 Together for Libya

The world has forgotten us“, these are the strong words of a Libyan journalist following Cyclone Daniel in the east of the country on September 10 to 11 night. Thousands of people died and thousands are missing.

The city of Derna seems to have paid the heaviest price because of the floods. Indeed, streets were left devastated, many homes have disappeared, not to mention the buried cars.

A week after the disaster, more than 10,000 persons are still missing (source). People reported on social media they could neither save their families and neighbors from drowning nor to extract them from the floods.

Seed is ready to send in emergency a charity partner to provide first aid:

– food parcels: water, tinned food, baby milk, bread, cheese, olives and hot meals

– hygiene kits: sanitary towels, wipes, disinfectant and soap

– clothing kits: underwear, socks, clothes, scarves, rain shoes

– shelter packs: external battery, pillow, blanket, mattress, teapot, gas stove

Total budget: €50 000

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