Giant strides for Naïla!

Funding surgery to cure disability with severe impact on legs

collected on a goal of 25,000 €

Project funded


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Giant strides for Naïla!

Naïla, aged 9, was born with Little’s disease, also known as Spastic diplegia. She can’t walk properly, loses her balance, falls and her legs hurt even more.

Naïla was able to endure until now thanks to intense physical therapies – 4 hours a day during one or two weeks abroad – but it is not enough. Indeed, eventually, she is at risk to develop bone deformations leading to permanent disability.

A surgery known as selective dorsal rhizotomy can treat children like Naïla suffering from this high and constant “tightness” or “stiffness” in the muscles. It aims at removing almost 80% of the spasticity in lower extremities of the body by selectively destroying problematic nerve roots in the spinal cord.

Neurosurgeon T.S. Park, MD in St. Louis Children’s Hospital (Missouri – USA) specializes in SDR. After reviewing Naïla’s medical record, he said she is an excellent candidate for this surgery he already performed successfully on more than 5 000 children from all over the world.

Seed plans to complete what has already been collected for Naïla (40 000€) in order to fund: 

  • – SDR surgery
  • – 2 years (at least) of post-surgical rehabilitation with a strengthening program in order to help Naïla walk again considering the expected muscle weakness she will experience.

Needed: 25 000€